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March 1st, 2010

Lyon Jemison, Class of 2000

Lyon Jemison is currently residing in Savannah, Georgia, where he has a solo practice handling immigration, criminal, family law and personal injury cases. He is the Public Defender of the Municipal Court of Garden City, just outside of Savannah. His Spanish language skills and ongoing travels to South America, Spain, and Mexico, contribute to his success as one of the few attorneys in his area handling Latin American/Spanish-speaking clients. Mr. Jemison has a 10-year old son, is a competetive road bike cyclist, and is training for his first Ironman. He is an advocate of federal-level immigration reform and a ferocious proponent of non-discriminatory searches and seizures by police officers within his county. He has successfully argued Judges grant new trials for, or vacate, his clients’ prior guilty pleas under Padilla vs. Kentucky.