Career Profiles

Yasmine O. Abdel-Aal, ’08

Principal, Markah Legal PC

Yasmine O. Abdel-Aal, ’08

What do you do?
“I am the principal of Markah Legal PC, an intellectual property, entertainment and business law practice that provides practical legal counsel to individuals and institutions. I also currently serve as of counsel to the Kaufman Entertainment Law Group PC, a full service entertainment law firm in Los Angeles, and as an Adjunct Professor of Law at Whittier Law School, teaching courses relating to entertainment law and intellectual property law.”

What excites you most about your job?
“Representing so many creators, from filmmakers to business owners, allows me the great joy of being surrounded and inspired by limitless creativity and innovation on a daily basis. I am so grateful for the opportunity to act as a sort of ‘dream weaver’ for my clients because I get to take my clients dreams and provide legal counsel and strategic advice to help turn them into tangible realities every day.”

How did your experience at Whittier Law School prepare you for this position?
“Whittier Law was a familial environment that provided consistent care and support to all of its students. We were taught the paramount importance of practicing law ethically and were provided the tools and role models that inspired us to grow into advocates who always kept the client’s best interests at the forefront of our practice. I obtained my first four legal positions through events hosted by Whittier, and now as a practicing lawyer I receive many referrals from fellow graduates. Whittier Law takes care of its family.“

Do you have any advice for those seeking employment in your industry?
“Specially with the intellectual property and entertainment law industries, I recommend the following: get involved with your local and national bar association sections that focus on those practice areas; shadow a lawyer in the field or conduct several “information interviews” with people in practice; stay on top of industry news and legal updates through various news sources such as Lexology (AIPLA) or others and be able to discuss with future employers; and use the resources made available to you through Whittier and its partner institutions.

Even more importantly, maximize your experiences during law school- in the classroom, through extracurricular activities, and job opportunities. Develop long-lasting relationships at every juncture and every opportunity, and take the time to nurture those relationships. The aggregate of every experience and every relationship will make you a better person and ultimately a better lawyer. Take the time to develop yourself to be a person of great character and a constant seeker of betterment and knowledge. People want to hire good people that they like.”