Career Profiles

Laura Hassan, ‘16

Law Clerk at Inner City Law Center

What did you do at your internship?
“I was a law clerk at Inner City Law Center in Los Angeles, which is a public interest organization on Skid Row. They have several projects they work on and I was assigned to the Unlawful Detainer project. I conducted new client interviews, met with existing clients to respond to discovery, drafted motions, pleadings and letters to attorneys and clients. I also served discovery requests and wrote research memoranda in preparation for trial.”

What excited you most about the job?
“I was very excited to get hands on work experience. However, I most enjoyed helping the underserved. There is so much need for legal services in our community and I truly believe in the work this organization does to help our local community. Not only are there economic barriers to legal services, but there are also language barriers. So, I enjoyed practicing my Spanish and learning legal terms and how to explain them in Spanish to many of the clients who came to Inner City.”

How did you find the position?
“I went to the UCLA public interest day and spoke to a representative from the organization and gave them my resume. A few weeks after, I received an email from the supervisor there for a Skype interview.”

How did your education and experience at Whittier Law School prepare you for this position?
“My legal writing class helped prepare me for this internship. Learning how to write a legal memorandum was essential. I kept all the handouts Professor Mertus provided to us, and constantly referred to them while I was writing my research memoranda.”

Do you have any advice for students or alum seeking employment, particularly in your industry?
“If you’re passionate about doing public interest work, I would suggest definitely getting an internship. There are so many organizations in Los Angeles and Orange County that can provide great experience. This experience can also help you attain post-bar employment. In addition, watch out for e-mails from the externship department and the career development office.”