Career Profiles

Lani Baron, ‘11

Attorney Mediator and Owner, Alternative Divorce Solutions

Lani Baron, ‘11

What do you do at your job?
“I practice mediated divorce. I help couples develop a customized plan that is agreeable to both parties. We address property and debt division as well as spousal support. Half of my clients have children, so we also address child support and develop parenting plans. In addition to mediated divorce, my firm also handles prenuptial and postnuptial agreements as well as estate planning.”

What excites you most about your job?
“I love being able to help people. After the process is over, my clients often thank me for making their divorce easier.”

How did your experience at Whittier Law School prepare you for this position?
“I genuinely feel I received an outstanding education from Whittier Law School. In addition, I had the benefit of being accepted as a Fellow for the Center for Children’s Rights (CCR). CCR exposed me to what family law practice may be like after graduation. I also competed in the National Competition for Child Welfare and Adoption law through Whittier’s Moot Court program. This experience shaped me and I will never forget it.”

Do you have any advice for those seeking employment in your industry?
“Follow your passion. Being a lawyer entails a lot of hard work. You have to be dedicated every day. Pick something that you believe in and can stand behind. This will continue to fill you with the inspiration, drive and motivation needed to lead a career of excellence.”