Career Profiles

Kelly Johnson ‘16

Legal Extern/Law Clerk, Manning & Kass, Ellrod, Ramirez, Trester LLP

Kelly Johnson ‘16

What did you do during your externship? Can you give an example of a project you worked on?
Currently I am assisting Eugene Ramirez in writing a book regarding SWAT team liability. Another project I was able to participate in was propounding discovery for a class action involving over 8,000 documents. Fairly often, I am tasked with researching and answering questions based on tactical training.

What excited you the most about the position?
The email I received regarding the externship discussed the book project and I really liked the idea of researching and writing about search and seizure issues. Also, working at a large firm would enable me to be exposed to many different areas of law to help narrow my career interests.

How did you learn about the position?
The Whittier Law Review members were sent an email explaining the position available.

How did your education and experience here at Whittier Law prepare you for your externship?
If I did not take Professor Ahn’s criminal procedure class I would be having a much harder time at my current placement. Being taught by a current federal prosecutor, exemplified the practical side of criminal procedure permitting me to use that information regularly at my current externship.

What advice do you have for other students thinking about externing for this employer or going into this field of practice?
If you enjoy criminal procedure and constitutional law you would probably enjoy working in police defense. Police defense work does not only entail lawsuits, but tactical training where you are able to research real life scenarios and help provide the best solutions. Also, if you do get a chance to work here take every assignment you are given from different attorneys very seriously because it may help narrow your career path.