Career Profiles

Julia Brotman ‘17

Intern, CBS Television

Julia Brotman ‘17

Where did you intern last summer?
I interned with CBS Television.

What did you do at your internship?
I did a lot of writing. I drafted location agreements and producer contracts, and shadowed meetings in preparation of litigation involving copyright and employment issues. I also drafted clearance memos for final cuts of reality television shows. In particular, I worked a lot on one particular upcoming show with contract compliance issues with product placement, FCC regulations, and other legal issues.

What excited you most about your job?
I had completed several internships before, but this is my first law-related internship. I was excited to see how a law office is different from another office. I am happy that my expectations of my internship were met and exceeded.

How did you find the position?
I received the position through a friend who was connected to an attorney at CBS. I took a tour of their offices and I met the internship coordinator. He asked me for my resume, and then I scheduled an interview. Before the interview, I spoke to Dean Reliford in the CDO, and he coached me through the interview process. After I interviewed with CBS Television, I was offered the position.

How did your education and experience at Whittier Law School prepare you for this position?
My Contracts and Lawyering Skills classes helped me a ton. Definitely, all the legal research helped me because that is what I spent much of my time doing. The terms and principles learned in Contracts helped me understand what was going on during the internship.

Do you have any advice for students seeking employment in this particular industry?
Don’t wait! Reach out to any contacts you have early. Networking is incredibly important.