Career Profiles

David G. Jones ‘96

Partner, Santiago & Jones

David G. Jones ‘96

What do you do?
I specialize in all aspect of employment law. I advise employees and employers in every conceivable aspect of employment and the laws relating to it. I regularly represent clients in administrative hearings and litigation throughout the state, including trials and in a healthy appellate practice. I manage the business of the firm as well as staff and associates on a daily basis, and am responsible for developing new business for the firm.

What excites you most about your job?
The thrill of the battle, especially at hearings and trial (although law and motion and appeals are my favorites). There is nothing more exhilarating than being in a hearing and having to think on your feet while using experience and knowledge of the law to prevail on behalf of your client.

How did your experience at Whittier Law School prepare you for this position?
I truly believe that Whittier prepared me for my future as a lawyer. The competitive aspect of students striving to excel in their grades, without a safety net, but with the training of skilled professors is an environment which breeds tough, smart and successful lawyers. Additionally, learning the Socratic method, and this type of analytical approach allows lawyers to win any argument, no matter the odds.

Do you have any advice for those seeking employment in your industry?
Be confident. It is your skills which will carry you to success. Relish in the underdog role, it is a tremendous motivator if you use it to your advantage throughout your career.