Career Profiles

Amy Chang ‘16

Amy Chang ‘16

What did you do during your externship?
As a law clerk for Manning & Kass, Ellrod, Ramirez, Trester LLP, I had the opportunity to shadow attorneys in court and during depositions. They shared tips, strategies, and procedures with me throughout the process. Additionally, I conducted extensive legal research, kept up with current legal issues, and drafted motions, briefs, and memoranda on varying areas of law.

For example, one issue I worked on dealt with defending a police officer during a civil trial. The plaintiff sought to introduce evidence of prior bad acts in an effort to impeach the officer. I was tasked with researching case law to argue against allowing the prior bad acts into evidence.

What excited you the most about your time with Manning & Kass?
My prior experiences were with small and medium sized law firms. What excited me was working with a large law firm and experiencing how well they organize and systemize their entire litigation practice across offices and states. I met a lot of attorneys and WLS Alums. I was exposed to different areas of law that I didn’t necessarily learn from school or case books, like police department defense.

How did you learn about the position?
I participated in the resume collect program through the Externship Office. I was specifically looking for business related opportunities and they have a long list of employers to choose from.

How did your education and experience here at Whittier Law prepare you for your externship?
The skills that I found most valuable came from my legal writing class. Legal research is a big skill that you need to know to be successful in an externship. Training in the use of LexisNexis, Westlaw, and Bloomberg is also necessary. Case briefing was also surprisingly helpful. During school you don’t think briefing is that important, but in practice it is very important. Learning to make it short, sharp, and to the point is necessary.

What advice do you have for other students seeking externships?
Be open-minded and be ready to work. You need to expect that you are going to work hard, but also know how to balance your lifestyle. Also, networking is important. Make friends and seek opportunities to work with established attorneys.