Courses in Intellectual Property Law

Courses offered in Intellectual Property Law include:

  • Copyright Law
  • Trademarks and Unfair Competition
  • Patent Law
  • Advanced Copyright Sem.
  • International Protection of Computer Software
  • Advanced IP Law Seminar: Patent
  • International Trademark Law
  • Antitrust and Intellectual Property
  • Internet Law
  • Art and the Law Seminar
  • Internet Law-Cyberspace
  • Biotechnology and Intellectual Property
  • Licensing and Technology Transfer
  • Comparative Rights of Publicity
  • Motion Picture Development & Production
  • Computers and the Law Seminar
  • Music Law
  • Entertainment Law
  • Patent Drafting
  • Intellectual Property Litigation
  • Patent Prosecution
  • International Copyright Law
  • Recent Issues in Intellectual Property
  • International Entertainment Law
  • Rights of Publicity
  • International Intellectual Property
  • Trademark Prosecution
  • International Patent Law
  • Trade Secret Law
  • Cultural Property Law
  • Valuation of Intellectual Property
  • Video Game Law
  • Competitive Intellectual Property Advocacy

For course descriptions, please see the Course Catalog.

Art and Law

LAW 344

This course will examine the intellectual, personal and cultural property issues raised by the ownership and management of art and artifacts by discoverers, creators, museums, and institutions.

Business Transactions: Deals and Dealmaking

LAW 389

This course is designed for students who wish to develop the practical skills necessary to understand, negotiate, and prepare contracts, thereby better preparing themselves to meet the demands of parties actually engaged in business deals. Specifically, the course will examine, from the perspective of the corporate lawyer, topics such as the process by which a company's business is acquired.

**Prior to Spring 2017, this course was titled Business Transactions: The Art of the Deal**

Comparative Rights of Publicity

LAW 719

This course examines various aspects of the rights of celebrities, including the origin of protection, the philosophy of protection, scope of protection (both pre and post-mortem), remedies, defenses, and limitations on those rights under state and federal law in the United States, and compares the treatment of those issues in the U.S. with the treatment of analogous rights and issues under the laws of other countries, treaties (such as the European Convention on Human Rights), and agreements such as the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy.

Copyright Law

LAW 701

Analysis of statutes and treaties governing rights in original works of authorship (such as books, plays, movies, paintings, sculpture, music, sound recordings and computer software), including protected subject matter, works made for hire, infringement, fair use, moral rights, federal preemption of state law, and remedies.

Entertainment Law

LAW 704

An examination of the legal aspects of entertainment, including requirements for contracts and agreements between parties involved in the industry.

Intellectual Property Litigation

LAW 717

Examines problems involved in representing clients in pretrial and at trial in intellectual property cases, including factual investigation, negotiation, and specialized discovery and evidentiary problems. Special emphasis will be placed on the interrelationship between various types of intellectual property. Prerequisite: At least one of the core courses - Copyright Law (LAW 701), Trademark Law (LAW 702), or Patent Law (LAW 703).

International Intellectual Property Law

LAW 379

This course provides a comprehensive introduction to intellectual property concepts in the context of a global economy. The topics covered illustrate not only the application of legal principles, but the impact the treatment of intellectual property rights has on a broad range of social and political interests.

Patent Law

LAW 703

This course explores the major topics of U.S. patent law, seeking a solid general education in patent law concepts and procedures from a practical and policy perspective. Topics covered include patentable subject matter, requirements for patent validity, patent infringement, and damages.

Sports Law

LAW 549

This course examines a wide range of legal issues and relationships in the sports industry, including player negotiations and contracts, leases, licensing, leagues, franchising, and intellectual property issues in sports law.