Externship Opportunities

Students get practical training in family law situations by placement with Bench officers through our judicial externship program. There are numerous family law courts located at the Lamoreaux Justice Center. Students also get family law experience by working at various self-help centers located through out Los Angeles County. The Orange County Legal Aid Society and Public Law Center accepts several students each term to help with their overwhelming family law cases. Students have interaction with indigent clients, and help them move through the legal justice system.

As to children’s rights matters, students have opportunities to extern in various children’s rights organizations where they get hands-on legal training. Students are placed in juvenile court in both Orange County and Los Angeles Children’s Law Center where they assist attorneys in dependency court, delinquency court, and help clients through the adoption process. Students have an opportunity to extern in the Orange County Counsel’s Office where they work with attorneys conducting child protection civil prosecutions, protecting children from physical and sexual abuse. Attorneys in the county counsel’s office concentrate on areas of child welfare and juvenile dependency. State Council on Developmental Disabilities Area Board XI gives students the opportunity to assist families with children with special education and regional center services needs. Students give parents information regarding the education and service rights of their children, and assist with presentations to parent support groups regarding basics of special education.

Recent Placements Include:

Family Law

  • Orange County Superior Court
  • Orange County Legal Aid Society
  • Jones and Williams (Family Law Mediation)
  • Los Angeles County Self-Help Centers (Family law and other pro bono matters)

Children’s Rights

  • Orange County Public Defender (Lamoreaux Justice Center)
  • Orange County Counsel’s office
  • Whittier Area Cooperative Special Education Program
  • Orange County Superior Court, Juvenile Delinquency Court
  • Orange County District Attorney, Family Protection Unit
  • Los Angeles County District Attorney, Long Beach, Juvenile Unit
  • Los Angeles County Children’s Law Center, Monterey Park
  • Public Counsel Law Center
  • State Council on Developmental Disabilities Area Board XI