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Women and the Law

LAW 559

This course is based on the relationship between three ideas: 1) oppression of women is cross-cultural; 2) the particular forms that this oppression takes is influenced by the culture in which women live; and 3) that law is a reflection of culture and thus creates and supports systems of oppression. The methodology of this course will work a balance between the extremes of ignoring the conditions of women's lives and challenging these conditions from a position of cultural superiority.

Workers’ Compensation

LAW 234

This introductory course is designed to provide students with an understanding of the systems established to compensate injured workers throughout the various jurisdictions of the United States. The course will examine the structure, delivery, and financing of benefits, and students will develop a basic understanding of the workers' compensation claim process. Students will also learn about the interactions between injured workers, employers, and insurance carriers.

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