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Legal Policy Clinic Seminar

LAW 352

Legal Policy Clinic consists of a series of readings on various non-litigation policy analysis and strategies. Students are required to write on legal topics of his/her choice: (1) Letter to the Editor; (2) Petition for review; (3) Petition to publish or depublish an appellate opinion; (4) Amicus Curiae brief; or (5) Community educational plan with course teaching materials. One of the major goals of this course is to instill in law students a desire and ability to engage in a lifetime of pro bono legal public policy analysis and service.

Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Parenting Legal Issues

LAW 968

This survey course will focus on the legal issues surrounding gay and lesbian parenting, contrasting the approach of various nations with the prevailing approaches in the United States. The course will address the legal issues faced by the LGBT community with particular emphasis on children of LGBT couples.

Local Government Law

LAW 550

This is a survey course designed to prepare future lawyers to deal with the types of local government issues often encountered in private practice or as a local government lawyer. The course begins with a study of the types of local governments and their powers. The legal relationships of local governments with each other and with the state and national government will also be examined. Other areas of coverage may include local government revenue powers, legal liability of local governments, local government employment law, local government contracting, land use control, and researching local government law. The course is designed to teach the basics of local government law for any state, but many of the cases and illustrations will focus on California law and current events.


LAW 960

A lecture and simulation course covering the principles and skills used in mediation. The course also offers a comparative overview of the field of alternative dispute resolution, and in particular the practical differences between using arbitration or mediation in resolving disputes. Simulations and other exercises are conducted to develop practice skills and to explore the public policy and legal issues that arise.

Modern Real Estate Transactions

LAW 541

An examination of the legal issues involved in real estate sales and financing; subdivision financing and development; planned unit development, condominiums, cooperatives, and income-producing (rental) properties; and tax considerations.

Moot Court Honors Board

LAW 561

Student teams research and prepare appellate briefs and practice oral arguments, under the direction of a faculty advisor or faculty coach and/or provide other services for general Moot Court Honors Board (MCHB) activities. Enrollment is based on membership on the MCHB and subject to the approval of the MCHB and faculty advisor(s).

Motion Picture Development and Production

LAW 427

The course will consider business and legal issues in the acquisition of rights and services involved in developing and producing a motion picture based on real events, using legal decisions, contracts, and collective bargaining excerpts.

Music Law

LAW 939

This course provides you with a “behind the scenes” look at the music industry while teaching the basics of the various aspects of the business. Areas of course coverage may include recorded music, music publishing, live events/touring, merchandising, and a variety of other exploitations of music. Basic terms of each of the key agreements (e.g., Exclusive Recording Agreements, Co-Publishing Agreements, Producer Agreements, etc.) and the various modes of distribution of music (e.g., records, radio, sheet music, internet, film, TV, etc.) will be analyzed.

Muslim Communities and the Law

LAW 209

This course is a survey of the historical development of Islamic jurisprudence and interaction of Islamic law and the modern nation state, with a focus on Middle Eastern and South Asian countries. The course will begin by an overview of how Islamic law developed, focusing on primary sources of law, and methods of interpretations. The rest of the course will be about the various experiences of Muslim communities in countries such as Egypt, Turkey, India, Pakistan, Iran and the United States. Contemporary events such as Arab uprisings are among the topics that will be discussed.

Native Americans & the Law

LAW 572

Topics covered may include the analysis of the relationship between Native American tribes and federal and state governments; the role of Congress, the Bureau of Indian Affairs, and tribal governments; Native American education; economic development on reservations; water, hunting, and fishing rights; religion; criminal justice, and the role of customary Native American laws; urban Native American rights; and the status of California Native American "Rancherias."

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