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Academic Success Practicum I

LAW 116

This required course is offered during the Fall semester for all first year students. The course is designed to develop and enhance skills that are crucial to success in law school and on the bar examination, including critical reading, issue spotting, and legal analysis. In-class exercises will be selected in collaboration with one or more doctrinal classes in which students are concurrently enrolled in order to familiarize students with two of the main components of the bar examination: multiple-choice questions and essays. This is a non-graded course.

Academic Success Practicum II

LAW 117

This required course is offered during the Spring semester for all first-year students. The course further cultivates performance skills crucial to success in law school and on the bar examination. In-class exercises will draw upon materials chosen in collaboration with doctrinal classes in which students are concurrently enrolled. This course will further develop students’ familiarity and facility with bar-type multiple-choice questions and essays, while enriching their substantive understanding of doctrinal materials. This is a non-graded course.

Adjudicative Criminal Procedure

LAW 506

This course examines the legal issues that arise once adversarial criminal proceedings commence. Topics covered may include bail, preventive detention, the powers of the grand jury and limits of those powers, the prosecutor's charging decision, pleadings and plea bargaining, competency of the defendant to stand trial, discovery, jury selection, examination of witnesses and presentation of evidence, sentencing, and attack on convictions.

Administrative Law

LAW 501

An examination of the legal limits of state and federal executive action; rule-making; adjudicative and investigative actions of administrative agencies; relevant statutes, such as the Administrative Procedure Act; and the concepts of delegation, ripeness, standing, judicial review, and due process.

Admiralty Law

LAW 502

A survey of the basic principles of admiralty and maritime jurisdiction. Topic covered may include substantive law areas of carriage of goods, maritime liens, charter parties, collision, general average, salvage, seamen and maritime worker rights, and liability limitations.

Adoption Law

LAW 311

This course provides an examination of adoption law and policy. Topics covered may include termination of rights of the birth parents, qualifications to adopt, "private" adoptions and the role of attorneys, transracial adoptions, international adoptions, adoption by gays and lesbians, grandparent adoptions, adoption subsidies, common-law adoptions, and alternative placements for children such as foster care and orphanages.

Advanced Clinic: Children’s Advocacy

LAW 630

Students will assist in the completion of cases filed in Orange County Family Law and Probate Courts involving such matters as guardianship, adoption, limited conservatorship, paternity, dissolution of marriage, and custody and support. Students may also participate in the court-based Guardianship Clinic. Limited enrollment. Students that are eligible to be certified by the State Bar of California may be given preference. Limited enrollment. Prerequisite: Students must have completed Clinic: Children’s Advocacy (LAW 617). Instructor permission required for enrollment.

Advanced Clinic: Special Education

LAW 631

Students will provide direct representation to minor children seeking special education services from initial Individual Education Plan ("IEP") meetings through administrative mediation sessions. Limited enrollment. Prerequisite: Students must have completed Clinic: Special Education (LAW 619). Instructor permission required for enrollment.

Advanced Contracts

LAW 330

An in-depth analysis of selected areas of contract law. Prerequisite: Contracts I and II (LAW 103 and 104).

Advanced Externship

LAW 610

For students who have completed one semester of any Initial Externship, the Advanced Externship course is a law-related field placement in which students perform and observe legal work under the supervision of an attorney. In addition to their field work, students must attend one mandatory workshop and complete mandatory writing assignments to receive credit for the externship. For more information about the Externship Program, refer to the Externship Program Policies and Procedures Handbook. Prerequisite: Completion of an Initial Externship (LAW 609, 963 or 609J).

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