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Externship Opportunities

Barcelona, Spain

Program Description

Whittier Law School has developed cooperative relationships with a number of prominent law firms in Spain. Through these relationships we have arranged for a limited number of students in the Spain Study Abroad Program to engage in valuable externships and earn academic credit for their work. The externship opportunities are in addition to the Spain Study Abroad courses and require students to travel to Spain and reside there for one month prior to the start of the Spain Study Abroad Program courses. ABA Standards and Whittier policies prohibit the award of academic credit for compensated work; therefore the award of academic credit is the sole compensation for the externships. Because students are receiving academic credit, financial aid is available for the externship placements.

The Law Firms

The externship placements are all in Spanish law firms that have an international practice. The placements are located in Barcelona and Madrid. There is no requirement that a student speak, read, or write Spanish for any of the placements. However, students who possess this language facility may be given more complex tasks while at the placement. Most of the placements are with law firms whose primary focus is on commercial work. Whittier will make every attempt to place students in placements whose focus most aligns with the student’s interest; however, we cannot make any guarantees regarding the placement or location.


In order to be considered for an externship placement, students must be in good standing with their home institution. Visiting students will be required to submit a letter in good standing along with their application. In addition, students must register for the full 8-week Spain Study Abroad program. There may be limited exceptions to this requirement for students who have (1) previously taken part in the Spain Study Abroad program and (2) have completed an initial externship (either domestic or foreign).

Academic Credit

Under most circumstances, students may earn up to three (3) units of academic credit for the work performed at their externship placement. Each unit of externship (LAW 963 or 991) requires that the student complete 56 hours of work at the placement.

Faculty and attorney supervision will be individualized and integrated with regularly held meetings with the Program Director to the maximum extent possible to ensure that the academic credit allowed is commensurate with the educational benefit to the participating student. All Externships are graded on a pass/fail basis.

Cost of the Externship

The tuition for the 8-week Spain Study Abroad Program (for a total of up to 8 units of academic credit) is $8250. Each student must pay for their own housing, meals, transportation, and personal living expenses during the externship and study abroad program. Financial aid is available for students who qualify.

To find out more or to apply for these externships in Spain, please contact:

Professor Robert M. C. Webster
Director, Spain Study Abroad Program
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
714-444-4141 ×237

"The Barcelona Program was a perfect opportunity to become immersed in not only another culture but another form of law."

— Matt Hytrek, Whittier Law School

WLS Study Abroad Program - Spain
WLS Study Abroad Program - Spain
WLS Study Abroad Program - Spain
WLS Study Abroad Program - Spain