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Whittier Law School Professor Robert Webster Teaches Law in Barcelona, Spain

All the classes will be held at the Faculty of Law (Facultat de Dret) of the University of Barcelona. Classes will be held in air-conditioned spacious classrooms providing WIFI access. The Program Administrative Office is located nearby.

Disability Access: Some parts of the Faculty of Law are accessible to individuals with disabilities. Please contact the Program Director, Robert M.C. Webster for further details:

E: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
T: 714-444-4141 ext. 237

Here is the address:
Universitat De Barcelona Facultat De Dret
Av. Diagonal, 684
08034 Barcelona

Phone ( +34) 934 024 346
Fax ( +34) 934 024 354


The classroom facility is located 10 minutes walk from the Hall of Residence – TORRE GIRONA – where students will be housed.

Here is the address:

Torre Girona Student Residence
Passeig dels Til-lers 19,
08034 Barcelona

Teléfono: 933 904 300
Fax: 932 056 910
E-mail: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Please see below a map pin-pointing the location of both the Facultat de Dret and Torre Girona:

Directions from University of Barcelona to Torre Girona Student Residence

Below is a link to a map of the entire city. Type the address of the Law Faculty or Hall of Residence into the top left-hand corner of the “map-page” and you will be able to see the location of these buildings in relation to the rest of Barcelona.


Students may enroll in up to a maximum of three classes (6 units). The following constitute the WLS Barcelona 2017 Faculty:

Rami Yanni – formerly of Saban Brands, Rey Rodriguez of Disney Studios, Professors Laura Huici, Marta Ortega, and Cristina Gonzalez of the Faculty of Law of the University of Barcelona and Professor Robert Webster of Whittier Law School. The following courses will be offered:

European Union Law (LAW 221)

2 units - Professors Marta Ortega Gómez, Laura Huici Sancho and Cristina González Beilfuss

This course will explore the historical development of the European Union and examine the institutions established to govern this club of nations. It will also explore the relationship between the Union, its Member States and the rest of the world. Additionally, the course will focus on the sources and forms of E.U. Law as well as the doctrine of "Supremacy of E.U. Law." Additional areas of substantive law, procedural actions, enforcement, and/or remedies may also be covered in the course.

International Intellectual Property Law (LAW 379)

2 units - Professors Rey Rodríguez and Rami Yanni

This course provides a comprehensive introduction to intellectual property concepts in the context of a global economy. The topics covered illustrate not only the application of legal principles, but the impact the treatment of intellectual property rights has on a broad range of social and political interests.

Entertainment Law (LAW 704)

2 units - Professor Robert Webster

An examination of the legal aspects of entertainment, including requirements for contracts and agreements between parties involved in the industry.

International Sports Law (LAW 961)

2 units -

This course will introduce students to the developing field of international sports law and the practical application and impact of such laws. The course examines the legal and international dimensions of the modern sports industry. Additional areas of course coverage may include the historical development of amateur and professional sports, the structure of sporting organizations, the international governance of sport, the impact of intellectual property on sponsorship and promotion of sporting events, the special problems associated with doping in sports, international sports as a basis for advancing social and political agendas, and the increasing commercialization and globalization of sports.

I would like to say that the study abroad program in Barcelona was one of the most amazing things I have ever done.

— Ryan Toomey, Whittier Law School

WLS Study Abroad Program - Spain
WLS Study Abroad Program - Spain
WLS Study Abroad Program - Spain
WLS Study Abroad Program - Spain