Medical Insurance

Students are required to show proof of health insurance that covers medical expenses incurred abroad. You must purchase supplemental medical and hospital coverage for the period of your stay overseas. You should inquire with your medical provider, insurance agent or travel agent.

Whittier Law School assumes no responsibility for medical care or costs.

Additionally, students are strongly encouraged to obtain medical evacuation insurance. Such insurance may be obtained from various providers including, but not limited to, the following possible providers:

Travel Assistance International, (800) 821.2828
Global Travel Insurance, (800) 232.9145
Travel Insurance Services, (800) 937.1387
The Gateway Plans
Wallach & Company Inc
BETiNS, (866) 552.8834

Accommodations for Disabilities

If you need special accommodations for disabilities, please contact the Office of International Relations, .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). If you are a student at a law school other than Whittier Law, please contact the appropriate administrator at your school to advise him/her of your intentions to study abroad. It is important that the program director be notified as soon as possible and before the program begins in order to comply with ADA regulations.

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