Students are required to attend all classes and participate actively in all classes. All students receive a course grade based on class participation and a required paper or exam administered at the end of each course. Seminar classes have limited enrollment and require regular class participation. For seminars, students may be required to make group or individual presentations, and typically the most significant component of the final grade is determined by a research paper of approximately 10-15 pages per unit of credit to be determined by the professor.

All Whittier Summer Abroad Courses are graded by using the same grading system used for the on-campus program. We do not offer courses on a Pass/No Pass basis except for units earned for Externships, Independent Study projects, and clinical or extern units. Professors report numerical grades based on a 4.0 point system as follows:

3.6 – 4.0 (A)
3.0 – 3.4 (B)
2.5 – 2.9 (C )
2.3 – 2.4(C-)
1.8 – 2.2 (D)
1.7 (F)

Reporting of Grades

Whittier Law School will report all grades once they are reported and finalized by the professors. Professors submit grades no later than six weeks after the end of the program. Non-Whittier students must inquire with their home school for policies regarding accepting courses and transferring credit for courses taken at Whittier law school’s summer programs. Whether credit will be accepted and how grades will be reported at the home school is entirely at the discretion of each student’s home school.

Grading Normalization

For more information regarding Whittier Law School’s grading normalization policies, please see Whittier Law School’s Policy Manual.

Visiting Students

The acceptance of any credit or grade for courses or externships completed in a Whittier Summer Program by any law school other than Whittier Law School is subject to determination by the home school.

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