Financial Aid

Financial Aid Policy for Study Abroad programs

  1. You must enroll by April 1, 2016 to ensure your Study Abroad financial aid will be awarded properly.

  2. Study Abroad is considered a trailer/extension of the current academic year (2015-16) for financial aid purpose. Thus, the FAFSA on file will be used to determine eligibility. A minimum enrollment of 3 units is required in order to obtain financial aid for Study Abroad.

  3. Tuition for the abroad program is fixed at the rate of tuition cost for each program and non-refundable, regardless of the change in academic status and/or unexpected circumstances. Students with a SAP status are strongly recommended to postpone their plan to study abroad until their grades meet the academic standards.

  4. Students who plan on attending any of the Law School’s abroad programs and need financial aid must:
    1. Pay the non-refundable enrollment fee when it is due.
    2. Pre-pay for any airline/transportation costs, housing deposit, and/or any other related travel expenses before the loan funds arrive.
    3. Limited financial aid funds will be available for summer, and the approval of a student loan is dependent upon the cost of summer attendance and the amount borrowed during the academic year. Generally, students will rely on the Graduate PLUS (Grad-PLUS) loan for summer enrollment. A student is required to re-visit his/her “Direct Loan” student account with the Department of Education (ED).
    4. If the previous Grad-PLUS loan was approved with an endorser, a student must submit a new Master Promissory Note (MPN) for the new loan. This is an additional step for the summer loan. The Financial Aid Office cannot certify any loan without the existence of a loan application or MPN in place.
    5. A student does not need to submit another MPN if his/her previous loan was approved without an endorser.
    6. In either case, a new credit check will be run by the ED before disbursement. Remember: All Grad. PLUS and Private Loans are pre-conditionally approved upon submitting the application. If the credit check fails, a student is required to re-apply with an endorser for approval.
    7. Contact, respond, and follow-up with the ED about (i) the status of the loan, and (ii) any additional or required documents for the approval of the loan.
  5. For non-WLS classes/programs, the following items are needed before any financial aid can be offered:
    1. A copy of the ‘Acceptance’ letter from the Host school.
    2. A consortium agreement must be in place with the Host and Home school.
    3. Students in this group must also follow instructions in part [c] to [g] of paragraph 4 above.
  6. The financial aid budget does not cover both a student’s fixed local/home living expenses and the transient/abroad program. Arrangements for the fixed expenses are the student’s sole responsibility. The budget for the transient/abroad program includes tuition and fees, housing, airfare for the program, and a reasonable amount for miscellaneous expenses. No expense for entertainment, gifts, or leisure/personal travel can be included in the budget.
  7. Financial aid disbursement occurs within 10 days prior to the first day of any Study Abroad programs. Therefore, students shall make suitable arrangements for tuition payment (if required), any related travel expenses, and/or other needs before refund checks can be issued. If a student decides to travel early or has special accommodations, they should make arrangements with the Business Office for the release of their loan refund check.

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