Whittier Law School Study Abroad Program - Bar-Ilan University

The following course list is tentative and subject to change.

Freedom and Rights in Israel (LAW 725)

1-2 units - Dr. Neil H. Cogan, Whittier Law School

This course is about protections for civil and human rights in the State of Israel as understood through the laws of Israel’s K’nesset, particularly the Basic Laws, and the decisions of the Israel Supreme Court sitting as the High Court of Justice. The coverage is, in large part, comparable to that in Constitutional Law courses taught in the United States. The course may be taught as one or two units and cover such topics as protections for freedom of speech, free exercise of religion, privacy, criminal process rights, eminent domain, and the rights to dignity and equality.

Human Dignity in Jewish Law (LAW 736)

1 unit - Dr. Yair Lorberbaum

Imago Dei (the biblical notion of man being created in God's image) is a central notion in the Jewish Tradition. The importance of Imago Dei within classical Judaism is due, not only to its centrality as a theological conception, but also to its normative-legal (i.e. halakhic) implications and ramifications, among them criminal law, torts, family law. This course will focus on the Book of Genesis, Talmudic literature, and the philosophical and legal writings of Maimonides to elucidate the meaning given to this idea and emphasizes application in different areas of the Law.

International and Comparative Criminal Law (LAW 538)

1 unit - Dr. Ziv Bohrer, Bar-Ilan University

This course will explore the procedural, substantive, and policy issues of criminal law systems around the world in comparison with that of the United States. Topics covered may include, among others, all or any of the following: definitions of crimes; policing; identity theft; terrorism; representation of the accused; criminal liability and defenses; immunities; corrections; theories of punishment and readaptation; death penalty; extradition; organized crime; treaties; money laundering; and international criminal tribunals. Professors may choose to compare a specific criminal legal system to that of the United States, or may take a general survey approach to the material.

Recent Issues in Intellectual Property Law (LAW 716)

1 unit - Dr. Miriam Marcowitz-Bitton, Bar-Ilan University

An in-depth exploration of current developments, including recent case law and proposed statutory amendments, in selected areas of intellectual property law, such as patent, trademark, and/or copyright law. Prerequisite: At least one of the following courses: Copyright Law (LAW 701), Trademark Law (LAW 702), or Patent Law (LAW 703).

Religion & State: Comparative Perspectives (LAW 936)

1 unit - Dr. Gideon Sapir, Bar-Ilan University

This course examines the relationship between the state and religion in various legal systems. Particular emphasis will be placed on the role of religion and religious institutions in the legal system and legal structures of the State of Israel. The course will examine how Israel, created as a state for the Jewish people, has handled the tensions between maintaining Israel as a state with a Jewish identity and at the same time a liberal democracy. As we will see, over the past several years once latent disagreements over matters of religion and state have become a major source of political and cultural tensions in Israeli society. The first part of the course will be dedicated to conceptual analysis and presentation of various models for the legal role of religion in various national legal systems, including models found in states based upon Christianity and Islam. In the second part, we will take a closer look at several specific religious disputes arising in Israeli law, including rights of citizenship, family law disputes, and Sabbath and dietary law observance. The course will conclude with a comparison between the arrangements made in Israel and in the United States as to the legal status of religion.

"The legal tour was very impressive, meeting with Justice England as well as the largest legal firm in Israel."

— Student - Israel Study Abroad Program,

WLS Study Abroad Program - Israel
WLS Study Abroad Program - Israel
WLS Study Abroad Program - Israel
WLS Study Abroad Program - Israel