City: Toulouse, France

Toulouse, France

Toulouse is located between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic coasts. It is a city of over 100,000 university students and a center for cutting-edge European technology. With a population of 700,000 Toulouse is the fourth largest city in France. There are the three universities and more than twenty large colleges in the city. The University of Toulouse in particular, founded in 1229, has had, and continues to have, a profound cultural and intellectual impact on the community. Toulouse is also known as the leading European city in aeronautics and space technology, and is home to the Academie de l’Air et de l’Espace, which draws scientists and students from throughout Europe and the world.

Toulouse is a thriving, modern city, full of energy and technology set amidst the backdrop of over two millennia of history. Architecture throughout Toulouse reflects the city’s past, present, and future. The skyline features beautiful examples of gothic and Romanesque cathedrals and monasteries intermingled with glass office buildings of modern architectural design. The influence of the past and future foster a colorful cultural atmosphere in Toulouse, which boasts ten major museums and eight major theaters.

Toulouse rewards the wanderer. Its small, 18-century Old Quarter is a maze of narrow lanes and plazas in which to get happily lost. Its River Garonne is peaceful by day and romantic by night, when the Pont Neuf is floodlit. Stumble across grand churches, fine art and handsome 16th-century mansions.

University of Toulouse Campus

Established by the Treaty of Paris in 1229, the University of Toulouse is one of the largest, most respected institutions of secular education in the nation. The University maintains campus throughout the city. The largest is in the historical city center. Home to over 20,000 students, 15% of which are graduate students, the Universite des Sciences Sociales de Toulouse awards more than 7,000 degrees annually.

Internet Access

It is strongly recommended that students take their own notebook/laptop computer. Wireless internet is accessible in the dorms and on campus.

"Walking to class and eating at the surrounding areas made me feel as if I was completely immersed in the local French culture and lifestyle!"

— Brandon Burns, Whittier Law School

WLS Study Abroad Program - france
WLS Study Abroad Program - france
WLS Study Abroad Program - france
WLS Study Abroad Program - france