Enrollment Information

Study Abroad enrollment is still being accepted on a rolling basis if space is available

Non-refundable enrollment fee of $200.

We encourage you to enroll early; program enrollment is limited. We will only accept your application if space is available.

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Who May Attend

The program is open to law students who have completed their first year of full or part time study by the time the program begins. Law graduates may be admitted as auditors. Students who do not attend Whittier Law School must have the Dean or Registrar of their school submit a letter of good standing.

It is expected that a small number of law students from the University of Barcelona may attend some of the classes in the Spain program.

Before You Enroll

The enrollment process is electronic. Before you begin, you must:

  1. Chose which study abroad program you wish to attend;
  2. Choose which classes you wish to take;
  3. Have your credit card with you to place a deposit.

How to Enroll

The enrollment website will guide you through the processes to:

  1. Enroll in a Study Abroad Program
  2. Pay the non-refundable enrollment fee
  3. Enroll in your selected courses
  4. Apply for financial aid (if desired)
  5. Choose your housing options (if applicable)

Once your information is submitted, you are officially enrolled in the program, and an email will be sent to you confirming your information. Notice: Whittier Law School reserves right to reject any enrollment; advance notice will be given.

Last day to withdraw with no tuition obligation: March 31, 2017.

Students who withdraw from any study abroad program after 5:00 pm on March 31, 2017 are liable for all fees and tuition.

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