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Wei Yuan

Visiting student from Georgetown University School of Law

I am very impressed with the professors’ ability to teach the U.S. law from an international perspective. The courses were well organized. The topics were carefully selected, and the courses are very interesting and informative. My exposure to the Chinese political system and society was definitely eye opening. I would highly recommend this program to any student who has a genuine interest in learning about the Chinese political system and Chinese society and in learning about the U.S. law in such unique settings.

James Drake

3L, SBA President (attended after 2L year)

“Whether you are a seasoned international traveler or just taking your very first trip abroad, China should be your next destination. I left the United States with absolutely no expectations of what I would find there beside from Pandas and The Great Wall. What I did find however, was an experience that I will never forget and good memories that will last me a lifetime. I can honestly say that going to China was not only the best trip I ever took but it is also the best decision I’ve made since coming to Whittier Law School. The opportunity to simply visit one of the world’s most dynamic countries and emerging economies is worth the price of admission itself. But to actually experience, learn, live and also work in places like Nanjing, Beijing or Shanghai is an opportunity you can’t ignore. But not only that, you’ll pickup and make some great friends with students, professors and even perfect strangers from Whittier and other American and Chinese law schools is truly what will make it an amazing experience and a trip of a lifetime.”

Alex Pilavjian

2L (attended after 1L year)

Whittier’s China program was a once-in-a-lifetime experience! The internship helped us network with an international crowd, and the offered courses were a valuable addition to our legal educations. It’s a great study abroad program that was run very efficiently. I would recommend it to any first-year student!

Lizzie Karsokas

3L (CCR Fellow) (attended after 1L AND 2L year)

As someone who loves traveling, the idea of studying abroad while in law school was certainly appealing; but, to be honest, I never thought I would go to China. Yet, that is exactly why I chose the Nanjing, China program. Not only was I thrust out of my comfort zone, but I was also able to experience a new culture with great friends. The Nanjing, China program offers thought-provoking classes, taught by experienced professors, which are supplemented by the numerous cultural outings. In fact, I loved the Nanjing, China program so much that I went two summers in a row! But don’t take my word for it—take a leap out of your comfort zone and go have a China adventure of your own.

Casey Hammon

2L, CCR Fellow (attended after 1L year)

“Whittier’s China trip was not only educational, it was an eye-opening exploration of culture, and a ridiculous amount of fun. It’s hard to pick only the best part of the trip, although taking a cable car to the top of the Great Wall and then sliding down on a luge (twice) definitely tops the list. But one of the best days we had was actually when a local guide took us through the local part of Beijing, outside of the tourist-trodden path. We were able to see the way that many Chinese citizens live, which was completely different from what most of us expected. We ate lunch actually inside a local family’s house, went for a ride in a bicycle rickshaw, and toured through a home for children whose parents are incarcerated. It was all so incredibly humbling and amazing, and I would say a once in a lifetime opportunity, except I am actually considering going again next summer. China is a well-rounded program, and Professor Mertus who heads the program truly puts her heart into the program, making it one of the best (if not THE best) study abroads available. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for an amazing experience abroad, and hope to have a second opportunity to go.”

Ryan Daneshrad

2L (attended after 1L year)

“The program…was perfect. The semester was just enough time to soak in the culture and take away valuable information from the courses. The weekend trips were just long enough to thoroughly get a feel for the culture for that particular area, and take the mind off of class for a little. The classes kept me engaged, which made the 2-hour lecture period interesting. The use of videos during class was a nice change up to engage students. All in all, I enjoyed my time there and would recommend it to any student interested in experiencing something new that will place them outside their comfort zone, allowing them to grow as individuals.”

"Whittier's China trip was not only educational, it was an eye-opening exploration of culture, and a ridiculous amount of fun."

— Casey Hammon, 2L, CCR Fellow (attended after 1L year)

WLS Study Abroad Program - China
WLS Study Abroad Program - China
WLS Study Abroad Program - China
WLS Study Abroad Program - China