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Jingli Hotel

Hotel: Jingli Hotel, a modern hotel in the heart of Nanjing (see Trip Advisor Reviews)

Distance from Nanjing University: 400 yards (five minutes walking)

Room types: Single and double occupancy rooms

Costs (estimates based on 2015 costs):

SINGLE room: $78.00 per night including breakfast or $66 per night without breakfast.

DOUBLE room: $50 per person per night including breakfast or $40.50 per person per night without breakfast. (Based on two people sharing room)

KING room: $116 per person including breakfast or $111 without breakfast. Note there is a very limited number of king rooms. Availability is first-come, first-served and is not guaranteed.

Reservations: Reservations at the Jingli Hotel will be made by the program director based on student housing applications and availability of rooms.

Payment: No housing deposit or housing pre-payment is required at the time of the application. However, the hotel will require a deposit upon check-in. Students must pay for their hotel stay at the time of check-out. The hotel accepts Visa, MasterCard, and local currency (RMB) as payment.

Internet Access: Internet access is included in the housing costs. Wired and wireless internet access is available in the guest rooms and wireless is available in the hotel lobby and breakfast area. There is no internet access in the classrooms.

Disability Access: The hotel and campus are both equipped with elevators but may be inaccessible to individuals with disabilities. Additionally, the hotel does not have wheelchair accessible rooms. Participants are cautioned, however, that many locations in China may not be accessible to individuals with certain disabilities. If you have questions or concerns, please contact the program director Jennifer Mertus.

"The internship helped us network with an international crowd, and the offered courses were a valuable addition to our legal educations."

— Alex Pilavjian, 2L (attended after 1L year)

WLS Study Abroad Program - China
WLS Study Abroad Program - China
WLS Study Abroad Program - China
WLS Study Abroad Program - China