Externship Opportunities

Judicial Externships

Whittier Law School students regularly serve as externs with members of the bench at all levels of the government. These experiences range from traditional research positions with the United States District Court or California Courts of Appeal to more targeted placements such as the federal Immigration Court or state Juvenile Court.

Federal, State, and Local Government Externships

Government service is a long tradition at Whittier Law School and students seeking externship placements in the governmental sector can choose from one of the highest concentrations of opportunities in the country. Students serve in Public Defender and District Attorney Offices throughout Southern California, as well as in nearly every governmental agency dealing with legal issues. Recent placements have included the California Attorney General’s Office, the federal Department of Justice, and the Internal Revenue Service.

Public Interest and Legal Services Externships

Whittier Law School is well known for its commitment to equal justice and public service and its stdents contribute thousands of hours each year in service to the poor and disenfranchised through public interest placements. Students can choose to serve through a traditional legal aid or pro bono services agency, such as the Legal Aid Society of Orange County, or they can work at any number of public policy or advocacy organizations, such as the Western Center on Law and Poverty.

Centers-Related Externships

Students who participate in any of Whittier Law School’s Centers or specialization programs can choose from placements designed to complement their targeted curriculum goals. For example, students enrolled in the Center for Intellectual Property can seek opportunities in a broad variety of placements involving patent, trademark, and copyright concerns.

Private Law Firms and In-House Counsel Externships

Students can extern at private law firms or corporate legal departments, exposing the extern to a wide variety of legal work.

For more information or if you or anyone you know is capable of hosting a student for an externship during the semester or summer please contact:

Deirdre Kelly Director of Externship Program
Misty L. Calder Assistant Director of Externship Program