ITAP Concentration

Students wishing to complete the Concentration in Trial and Appellate Practice must file a Declaration of Intent Form prior to graduation.

Students seeking a Concentration in Trial and Appellate Practice must complete at least 15 units as follows:

  1. At least six (6) units from the following list of courses:
    • Adjudicative Criminal Procedure (3 units)
    • Civil Trial Advocacy (3 units)
    • Criminal Trial Advocacy (3 units)
    • Pretrial Litigation Skills (3 units)
  2. At least nine (9) additional units from among the following:
    • Up to 6 units from participation in LAW 561 Moot Court Honors Board (MCHB) or LAW 567 Trial Advocacy Honors Board (TAHB). Units received for primarily administrative activities (e.g., organizing a competition or conference, or serving on an executive board of a student organization) do not qualify.
    • An approved elective course or seminar in trial and/or appellate practice. Note: Not all courses are offered each year.*:
      • Adjudicative Criminal Procedure
      • Advanced Appellate Advocacy
      • Advanced Litigation Seminar
      • Alternative Dispute Resolution
      • California Civil Procedure
      • Civil Trial Advocacy
      • Competitive International Advocacy
      • Criminal Law & Motion Practice
      • Criminal Trial Advocacy
      • Federal Courts
      • Intellectual Property Litigation
      • Juvenile Trial Advocacy
      • Group/Class Actions
      • Pretrial Litigation Skills
      • Competitive Trial Advocacy
    • Up to 2 units of an Independent Study involving trial or appellate practice (the supervising professor shall indicate when approving the student petition that the project will focus on trial and/or appellate practice)
    • Up to 5 units of a Legal or Judicial Externship and/or law school clinic in trial or appellate practice (including 1 unit Lawyering Skills)

*Other courses may be included with the approval of the Director of the Concentration. For approval, consult with the Director and complete the Substitution/Waiver form from the Forms Center in the Registrar’s pages.

Faculty Contact: Dean Martin Pritikin, Director of the Institute for Trial and Appellate Practice, .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) Tel. 714.444.4141 ext. 239