Build Your Law Career

Lawyering Skills Institute

Whittier Law School recognizes that strong writing and research skills are critical to a successful legal career. The Lawyering Skills Institute provides a rigorous and ambitious three-semester lawyering skills program.

The comprehensive curriculum prepares students to effectively and efficiently transition from student to lawyer. There are five full-time faculty members dedicated to the Lawyering Skills Institute. Each professor works individually with students throughout law school to better prepare students for the practice of law.

The Lawyering Skills Curriculum

First Year

Lawyering Skills 1 (3 credit hours)

The Lawyer as Counselor: Predictive Writing

From the very beginning, students learn how to be a lawyer by representing clients who need advice and developing the skills required to adequately counsel their clients.

Lawyering Skills 2 (3 credit hours)

The Lawyer as Advocate: Persuasive Writing

Students next learn how to become advocates for their clients by representing them in court and, ultimately, arguing their case in front of a panel of judges.

Second Year

Lawyering Skills 3 (2 credit hours)

The Lawyer as Practitioner: Litigation or Transactional Practice

By the second year, students are ready to represent a client in a semester-long practice simulation involving either a legal dispute or a business transaction. Throughout the simulation, students practice their interviewing, counseling, and negotiation skills.

Legal Writing Certificate

Honors students can earn a legal writing certificate by completion of a capstone course in Honors Writing.