Certificate in Intellectual Property Law

Requirements for Students Entering Prior to 2014

Whittier Law School awards an Intellectual Property Law Certificate to students who complete the following course of study:

  1. Successful completion of all three IP core courses (9 units total):
  2. Attendance at five (5) or more IP colloquia*
  3. Successful completion of 6 additional units selected from the list of Advanced Intellectual Property Electives:**

The following courses may also qualify for Intellectual Property Elective Credit when offered with an intellectual property focus, although Intellectual Property Elective Credit is not automatically granted for these courses, and is assessed on a year by year basis as listed below:

Course Number Course Title Particular semesters/offerings receiving IP elective credit since 2011
LAW 389 Business Transactions: The Art of the Deal 2011-12 (Prof. Flegelman)
Fall 2013 (Prof. Gibson)
LAW 911 Feature Film Financing Summers 2011 & 2012 (Prof. Johnson)
LAW 549 Sports Law 2011-12 (549-02, 4 Unit/Prof. Donnini)
LAW 415 Sports Law Transactions Summer 2013 (Prof. Donnini)

Students who wish to complete independent study projects involving intellectual property topics or externships focusing primarily on intellectual property issues may seek individual approval to count a limited number of credit units obtained in these activities toward the required six elective units of IP studies. Students may also seek individual approval to count a limited number of credit units for intellectual property-focused work performed in courses not listed above.

Students wishing to participate in the Center certificate program should complete a Declaration of Intent Form available through the Office of the Registrar.

*Students unable to attend colloquia live may seek individual approval for alternative arrangements.

**Some IP electives may be offered on a less-than-annual basis. Additional courses may be added to the list as they are offered.