The CICL Colloquia Series

The CICL Colloquia series brings experts in international and comparative law to campus to share their academic writing, practical experience, and career insights with CICL Fellows and CICL Certificate candidates. Recent Colloquia topics include international human rights, representation of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, climate change, the War on Terror, privacy issues and freedom of the press, ethical problems encountered by international practitioners and developments in immigration law. A special colloquium was devoted to pathways to careers in international law.

Past Colloquia include:

  • Robert Webster, “Privacy & Libel Tourism.”
  • William Hernandez, “International Strategic Alliance and Knowledge Economics.”
  • David Hirson, “Corporate & Business Immigration Law.”
  • Neal S. Millard, “Ethical Problems Faced by International Practitioners.”
  • Patrick Del Duca, “Language in Transnational Business- Strategies for Return on a Lawyer’s Personal Investment in Knowledge of Multiple Languages.”
  • Michael Fischer, “Admiralty Law: An Introduction to the Law of the Sea.”
  • Curtis Pierce, “Defending Aliens in Removal Proceedings.”
  • Jordi Palou Loverdos, “The Practice of Law in Spain.”
  • Jordi Palou Loverdos, “The Rwanda Genocide Trials.”