The CICL Certificate Program

The certificate program in International and Comparative Law offers students a rigorous foundation in international law and the laws of other nations. In this specialized course of study students learn to appreciate and understand international law conventions, conflict of law issues, and the importance of globalization while they prepare for careers in public and private international law. At graduation Whittier Law School awards students who complete all three aspects the program with a certificate that indicates the specialization.

In order to receive the certificate upon graduation, students must successfully complete 15 or more units in approved courses in international and comparative law, and attend 14 sessions of the colloquia series. All Certificate students take the core courses – International Law and Comparative Legal Systems – and 10 additional units of elective credits, which may include externships, independent studies, and research assistance.

To receive the Certificate in International and Comparative Law, students must:

1. Complete the following two core courses:
a. Law 530 International Law (3 units)
b. Law 513 Comparative Legal Systems (2 units)

2. Attend 14 sessions of the Colloquia Series

3. To reach a total of 15 units, students also must satisfactorily complete 10 or more units of additional approved courses.

Of the 10 additional units, at least 4 units must be numerically graded. Students may choose from the following approved offerings. NOTE: Not all courses are offered each year and some courses are offered through Whittier Law School’s Summer Abroad Programs):

  • Law 301/926 Admiralty
  • Law 599 Advanced Topics in International Law
  • Law 595/949AIDS and International Law
  • Law 942 Aviation Law
  • Law 516 Chinese Law
  • Law 922 Comparative African Constitutionalism
  • Law 945 Comparative Approaches to Gay and Lesbian Parenting: Artificial Insemination, Adoption, Foster Care, Child Custody
  • Law 924 Comparative Constitutional Law
  • Law 915 Comparative Family Law
  • Law 719 Comparative Rights of Publicity
  • Law 972 Discrimination Against the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans-gendered Community: A comparative Approach
  • Law 368/977 Feature Film Finance
  • Law 353/935 Holocaust and the Law
  • Law 528 Immigration & Naturalization Law
  • Law 912 International Animal Rights
  • Law 934 International Aspects of Gaming Law
  • Law 515 International Business Litigation
  • Law 520/916 International Business Negotiations
  • Law 555 International Business Transactions
  • Law 310 International Business Transactions: Trade Law of Emerging Markets
  • Law 387 International Children’s rights
  • Law 925 International Commerce: U.N. Convention on International Sale of Good
  • Law 705 International Commerce: U.N. Convention on the International Sale of Goods
  • Law 705 International Copyright
  • Law 917 International Environmental Law
  • Law 579/338 International Human Rights
  • Law 931 International Intellectual Property
  • Law 703 International Patent
  • Law 918 International Protection of Computer Software
  • Law 940 International Sports Law
  • Law 923 Introduction to French Law and the Laws of the European Union
  • Law 913 Introduction to Spanish Law & Culture
  • Law 721 International Trade and the WTO
  • Law 707 International Trademark Legal Implications of the International War on Narcotics Trafficking and Terrorism
  • Law 323 Law of the United States – Mexico Border
  • Law 947 Legal Issues of LGBT Youth: A Comparative Approach
  • Law 933 Negotiations: An International Perspective
  • Law 731 Privacy Law and Data Protection
  • Law 944 Recognition of Lesbian and Gay Relationships: A Comparative Approach
  • Law 974 The Struggle to Include Women’s Rights and LGBT Rights as Part of International Human Rights
  • Law 914 Women Law & Culture