Study Abroad Opportunities

Student Exchange Programs in France and Spain

Whittier Law School students can apply to take courses at the University of Paris X, Paris, France, the University of Cantabria in Santander, Spain, or the University of Sevilla, Spain. Whittier students take courses in the regular law curriculum offered in France or Spain, while French and Spanish students take courses at Whittier Law School. To participate, Whittier students must have language skills in French or Spanish.

Study Abroad in Mexico, Europe, Middle East or Asia

CICL encourages all students to expand their personal and professional horizons by participation in summer abroad programs. Whittier Law School offers five ABA approved study abroad programs that expose students to a wide variety of cultures across the globe. Students study international and comparative legal issues as well as the legal system of the host country.

  • China: Nanjing University
  • France: Université de Toulouse
  • Israel: Bar-Ilan University in Tel Aviv
  • Mexico: Iberoamericana University in Mexico City
  • Spain: Universidad de Cantabria in Santander

The LL.M. Degree

Whittier Law School offers an LL.M. degree in United States Legal Studies for foreign law graduates who wish to further their understanding of the U.S. legal system and prepare for law practice in the United States. Whittier’s LL.M. students enrich our institution as they bring a multitude of backgrounds, cultures and perspectives to our campus. They also learn from our own diverse student body and faculty.

The LL.M. candidate must complete 24 credit hours to earn the LL.M. degree. The program begins with two core classes: American Law and American Legal Research and Writing. At the completion of the core classes, each student designs a program of study with the assistance of an adviser. Subject to course availability, an LL.M. student can pursue a certificate in International and Comparative Law or in Intellectual Property Law. LL.M. students who choose to pursue a certificate usually extend their stay at Whittier beyond two semesters.

For no additional fee, LL.M. students interested in taking a bar exam in an American jurisdiction may participate in the many bar review programs offered on campus by our highly successful Academic Support Program.