Study Abroad Opportunities

Student Exchange Programs in France and Spain

Whittier Law School students can apply to take courses at the University of Paris X, Paris, France, the University of Cantabria in Santander, Spain, or the University of Sevilla, Spain. Whittier students take courses in the regular law curriculum offered in France or Spain, while French and Spanish students take courses at Whittier Law School. To participate, Whittier students must have language skills in French or Spanish.

Study Abroad in Mexico, Europe, Middle East or Asia

CICL encourages all students to expand their personal and professional horizons by participation in summer abroad programs. Whittier Law School offers five ABA approved study abroad programs that expose students to a wide variety of cultures across the globe. Students study international and comparative legal issues as well as the legal system of the host country.

  • China: Nanjing University
  • Israel: Bar-Ilan University in Tel Aviv
  • Spain: Universidad de Barcelona in Barcelona