Certificate in Children’s Rights

Faculty Director: Jennifer Mertus, Director of the Center for Children’s Rights and Professor of Legal Writing, .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
714-444-4141 ext. 243

Any Whittier law school student may seek a Certificate in Children’s Rights. Students wishing to complete the Certificate in Children’s Rights must file a Declaration of Intent Form prior to graduation. The Certificate Program gives students a solid background in children’s advocacy through the required courses and also allows students some degree of specialization with a vast
array of elective offerings.

To receive the Certificate in Children’s Rights, students must:

  1. Complete BOTH required courses:
    1. Family Law (LAW 523)
    2. Juvenile Justice (LAW 533)

  2. Complete a minimum of 2 units (plus Lawyering Skills LAW 601) of Experiential
    Learning by EITHER:
    • a two-unit externship in an approved child or family law related placement (LAW 609, 609J, 610, or 610J), OR
    • a two-unit clinical experience in the WLS Children’s Rights Clinic (LAW 617, 618, or 619)
  3. Attend a minimum of eight (8) CCR Colloquia, Distinguished Speaker events, or CCR-sponsored symposia.
  4. Complete THREE (3) units of approved electives from the following*:
    • Adoption Law (LAW 311)
    • Child Custody: Law & Practice (LAW 587)
    • Clinic: Children’s Advocacy (LAW 617)
    • Clinic: Domestic Violence (LAW 618)
    • Clinic: Special Education (LAW 619)
    • Comparative Domestic Violence Law (LAW 414)
    • Comparative Family Law (LAW 915)
    • Contemporary Problems in Family Law (LAW 359)
    • Immigration, Citizenship, and the Family (LAW 722)
    • Independent Study (on an approved topic) (LAW 562)
    • International Adoption Law (LAW 526)
    • International Children’s Rights (LAW 387)
    • Journal of Child & Family Advocacy (LAW 558)
    • Juvenile Law Advocacy (LAW 386)
    • Juvenile Trial Advocacy (LAW 613)
    • Law of Domestic Relations: Adult Relationships (LAW 422)
    • Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Parenting Legal Issues (LAW 968)
    • Reproductive Technology Seminar (LAW 386)
    • Special Education Law (LAW 519)

*Other courses may be included with the approval of the Center Director. For approval, consult with the Director and complete the Substitution/Waiver form from the Forms Center in the Registrar’s pages.