CCF Colloquia Series

Every year the Center for Children and Families brings speakers in Family Law and Children’s Rights to the Whittier Law School campus. The speakers provide students and faculty with insights into issues that face Children’s Rights attorneys and organizations.

Past Colloquia and Distinguished Speaker Series have included:

  • The Honorable Justice Carlos R. Moreno, California Supreme Court (retired), “Evolution of Family.”
  • Andrea Bouas, LA County District Attorney’s Office Juvenile Justice Department
  • Rodney Nosratabadi (Law Offices of Rodney Noratabadi) and Michael Romney (Riverside County District Attorney’s Office), “Prosecuting & Defending Child Molestation Cases.”
  • Ann Gonzalez, Mahonri Sapiga, and Clarita Granda, “The Impact of Social Work on Children’s Rights and How We Can Improve it.”
  • Edwin Egelsee, Augustin Egelsee LLP, “Special Education.”
  • Martine Wehr, Director of Juvenile Consulting Services LLC, “Not On My Watch: Lessons Learned from Children Behind Bars.”
  • Elizabeth Jones and Judith A. WIlliams, “From the Kitchen Table to the Courtroom.”
  • Kimberly Menninger, Judge of Superior Court, “Overview of Juvenile Delinquency Law.”
  • Jonathan McIsaac, Probation Director of Juvenile Hall, “Overview of Juvenile Hall.”
  • Jana Hoffmann, Deputy District Attorney, Assistant Head of Juvenile Court, “Achieving Juvenile Justice: Prosecution Roles and Challenges.”
  • Patricia Cromer, Law Office of Patricia E Cromer, P.C., “Special Education Concerns in Juvenile Delinquency.”
  • Barbara Duey, Children’s Law Center of Los Angeles, “Cross-Jurisdiction/Supervision in Dependency and Delinquency.”
  • Mark Matthews, Visiting Assistant Professor, Whittier Law School, “Legal Ethics Surrounding the Representation of Children.”
  • Curtis F. Shepard, Ph.D., Director of Children, Youth & Family Services at L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center, “Forgotten Youth: Homelessness Among LGBT Youth.”
  • Marie da Silva, Founder & President, Jacaranda Foundation, “Work with AIDS Orphans in Malawi.”