Scholarship Programs

The Law School awards numerous tuition remission scholarships annually to first-year and continuing students. These scholarships are based on both academic merit and financial need. Please note that in no event will the total scholarship awards from all Whittier Law School sources exceed the total tuition for the year.

Admissions Merit Scholarship

In 2014, 67% of entering students received scholarship funds, totalling $2.7 million dollars given to incoming students. All applicants are given consideration for these scholarships. Awards are based primarily on academic performance at the undergraduate level and the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) score. In addition, consideration will be given to those with extracurricular activities consistent with Whittier Law School’s mission. All first-year scholarship funds are applied to the fall and spring academic terms only.

Dean’s Merit Scholarship

Whittier Law School has a policy of rewarding continuing students who perform at an extraordinary level after their first year of legal study. Thus, the Deans’ Merit scholarship will automatically be awarded after spring grades are finalized and class rankings have been established. The Deans’ Merit scholarship will be awarded as follows:

  • Those students ranked in the top 5% of their class will receive a full tuition scholarship for the next academic year.
  • Those students ranked in the top 10% percentile of their class will receive a three-quarter tuition scholarship for the next academic year.
  • Those students ranked in the top 15% percentile of their class will receive a one-half tuition scholarship for the next academic year.
  • Those students ranked in the top 20% percentile of their class will receive a one-quarter tuition scholarship for the next academic year.

For purposes of class rankings, full-time students are ranked together with all other students who share the same anticipated graduation date. First-year part-time students are ranked alone at the end of the first year. Thereafter, their class rank is determined based upon the class that shares their date of graduation. Students may check their class ranking information online via their account.

If a student receiving a Dean’s Merit Scholarship adjusts the number of his/her units for the current academic year, the Financial Aid Office must be notified so that the award can be adjusted accordingly. Failure to communicate any schedule changes with the Financial Aid Office may result in a loss of funding due to erroneous overpayment.

1L Achievement Externship Program (AEP)

Five students are selected to receive a scholarship for academic credit (4 units) to pay for a their summer externship units after their first year of law school. In order to qualify, students must be a 1L in the top 20% of their class, must agree to follow the law school’s externship guidelines, and must agree to remain a student at Whittier for the remainder of their law school education.

Read more information about the AEP program here

General Need Based Scholarship

A number of scholarships are awarded annually by the Law School to upper-division students based on financial need. To qualify for need-based scholarships, students must (1) file the FAFSA by the deadline set by the Financial Aid Office and (2) submit the Law School’s General Scholarship Application by the deadline set by the Office of the Dean of Student Services. Applications will be made available at the Financial Aid Office. Award amounts, deadlines, and conditions of scholarships are subject to change, but academic performance at the Law School, service to the school, and financial need will all be taken into account.

General Need Based Scholarship Application

ABA Legal Opportunity Scholarship Fund

The purpose of the ABA Legal Opportunity Scholarship Fund is to encourage racial and ethnic minority students to apply to and attend law school and to provide financial assistance to ensure that these students have the opportunity to attend law school for three years.

The ABA Legal Opportunity Scholarship Fund will award $5,000 of financial assistance annually to each scholarship recipient attending an ABA-accredited law school. An award made to an entering first-year student may be renewable for two additional years, resulting in financial assistance totaling $15,000 during his or her time in law school. Although each recipient will need to re-apply for the scholarship in his or her second and third year, the expectation is that the scholarship will be renewed each year if satisfactory performance in law school has been achieved, the student is otherwise eligible, and funding is available.

In addition to whether the applicant is a member of a racial and/or ethnic minority that has been underrepresented in the legal profession, the applicant’s financial need; personal, family and educational background; personal statement; and participation in community service activities will be considered in selecting the recipients of the ABA Legal Opportunity Scholarships.

Deadline to apply is March 3, 2014 and all applications must be scanned and emailed (faxed or mailed applications will not be accepted).

Alumni Association Scholarship

The Alumni Association awards a partial scholarship to students based on academic achievement, service to the school, and financial need.

Alumni Scholarships Application

The Albert and May Lee Alumni Scholarship – For Summer Abroad Program Only

The Albert and May Lee Alumni Scholarship will be used to assist Whittier Law School students who attend the Law School’s Summer Abroad programs. The anticipated amount to be awarded to each chosen recipient is approximately $500. Only Whittier Law School students who have completed at least 2 semesters and are in good academic standing at the time of application are eligible to apply.

Jeanne S. Berger Scholarship Fund

Established by Judge Jeanne S. Berger, ’68, an alumna of Whittier Law School, to assist a limited number of female upper-division students with minor children, the scholarship is based on scholastic achievement and financial need.

Beverly Rubens Gordon Scholarship

Established by friends of former Professor Beverly Rubens Gordon, this scholarship is awarded to one or two part-time, upper-division students based on financial need and academic performance.

David Holtz Memorial Scholarship

Named in memory of David Holtz, a Beverly Law School faculty member, the scholarship is awarded to an upper-division student based on academic performance with an emphasis on first-year Contracts grades.

Cindy Raisch Memorial Scholarship

The late Ms. Raisch was a former Associate Dean and a former legal writing instructor at Whittier Law School. General criteria for this scholarship are academic performance and financial need.

Eugene S. Mills Scholarship

Named in honor of former Whittier College President Eugene S. Mills, this scholarship is awarded to the editor-in-chief of the Whittier Law Review.

W. Roy Newsom Scholarship

Graduates of Whittier College who will be first-year students at the Law School are eligible for the W. Roy Newsom scholarship. This scholarship award is named in honor of the former Whittier College president. Recipients are rewarded for their undergraduate achievement at Whittier College.

Check back here soon for a more complete list of all available scholarships and opportunities.