Federal Work Study Program

The federal work study (FWS) program is a need-based financial aid program that is allocated by the federal government. The FWS program provides employment opportunities to eligible students at the Law School with financial need, allowing them to earn money to help pay education expenses. These funds are used to pay a portion of the student’s work-study wages, while the Law School pays the remaining portion. To qualify for work-study employment, students must:

  1. File the FAFSA form to demonstrate financial need.
  2. Be enrolled for at least half-time (part-time) enrollment status.
  3. Be a U.S. citizen or an eligible non-citizen.
  4. Maintain satisfactory academic progress.
  5. Be registered with the Selective Service or be exempt from registration.
  6. Not be in default on any Perkins, Stafford, PLUS, or SLS loan.
  7. Not owe a refund on a Pell Grant, SEOG-Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant, or LEAP-Leveraging Education Assistance Program.

Students who are interested in participating in the FWS program must submit their application materials through Symplicity. In each FWS job posting, students will be able to download the FWS application, and submit a resume, cover letter and completed application. That individual department will then contact the applicant to schedule an interview if he/she meets the job qualifications. Once that department has made an offer of employment, the student will be directed to contact the Law School Human Resources Department by contacting Dean Tom McColl in the Student Services Suite, (714) 444-4141 ×283 or by email at The Office of Financial Aid will then confirm the student’s eligibility before a student may start working. On-campus FWS employment is available in various departments on campus to include Student Affairs, Library, Office of Career and Professional Development, Admissions, Financial Aid, Registrar, Facilities and other administrative offices. Off-campus FWS positions must first be arranged with the Law School’s Human Resources Department. Information about off campus employment (Community Based Federal Work Study is located here). Further information will be provided upon hiring.

Click here to download the common application. It is a fillable word document that you can complete, save a copy of, and email directly to the point of contact for each position.

Click here to download the Student Employment Handbook.

Current Positions of Employment on Campus:

Business Office – Administrative / Office Help

This position helps the Business Office with the following duties: student counter service for questions and check pick-up, processing incoming mail, PDF A/P invoices to Whittier College, check distribution and mailing, schedule courier pick-up, filing A/P invoices and other business related materials, and other miscellaneous tasks. The ideal applicant is able to work 2 hours per week for the semester. Point of contact: Christine Do – Business Manager Finance & Accounting,

Financial Aid – Assistant

The Office of Financial Aid assists students in securing adequate funding to meet their educational expenses at Whittier Law School. Our office is dedicated to helping students understand the financial aid opportunities available as well as the criteria used in determining eligibility for the financial aid programs at Whittier Law School. Financial Aid operations include a wide variety of activities such as the dissemination of financial aid information to current and prospective students. We assist students in completing financial aid applications, process those financial aid applications and determine students’ eligibility for various financial aid awards. Services are provided via e-mail, in-person and over the phone. Point of contact: Tom McColl, (714) 444-4141 ×283,

Research Assistant

Contact each individual professor you are interested in working for as a research assistant for opportunities.

Teaching Assistant

Contact each individual professor you are interested in working for as a teaching assistant for opportunities.

Office of Student Services

The Office of Student Services employs students at note-takers in various classes as needed. Point of contact: Tom McColl, (714) 444-4141 ×283,

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