Financial Aid Application Procedure

To obtain financial aid at the Law School, students must apply for it every year. To be considered for all Federal, State, and Institutional aid programs, applicants must complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or Renewal FAFSA. The FAFSA is used to determine eligibility for all financial need-based awards at the Law School.

Students may file an electronic FAFSA with the Department of Education (Department). It is available at This web site is free, secure, easy to navigate, and online instructions available throughout the filing process. Though, applicants must have a Personal Identification Number (PIN) in order to complete the online FAFSA and to electronically sign the application. Request for a PIN can be made at, and one will be mailed via postal or electronically sent to the applicant.

The electronic FAFSA is available for access after January 1st for the upcoming school year. Prospective and continuing students are encouraged to file the FAFSA in a timely fashion to avoid delays in the reviewing process for financial aid. The result of the FAFSA or Student Aid Report (SAR) will be e-mailed to applicants within ten to fifteen days after the Department receives the online FAFSA. In addition, an electronic SAR will be sent to the Law School. Prospective students are strongly advised to file the FAFSA early regardless of whether an admission decision is known. (*REMINDER: Whittier Law School’s Federal School Code is E00480.)

For the purpose of verifying accuracy in the application process, all students must also complete the Law School’s financial aid application annually. This application is available in the Office of Financial Aid (FAO) or it can be found online. There is a New Student Application for prospective students and a Continuing Student Application for continuing students.

Other documents may be required in the process of verification, including copies of the student’s Federal income tax return (1040s) and W2s, verification worksheet, proof of citizenship or permanent residency, valid driver’s license, copy of social security card, proof of non-default of student loans, etc. During the eligibility reviewing process, the FAO will determine whether any additional documentation is required. Failure to submit all required documents to the FAO will result in the delay and/or cancellation of the student’s financial aid award.

Application Deadline

In order to process students’ financial aid packages, all required documents must be submitted by certain deadlines. Financial aid application deadlines are May 1 for the Fall semester and October 15 for the Spring semester. Prospective students are encouraged to complete all required documents for financial aid even before their admission status at Whittier Law School are known.