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Mixed Questions of Law and Fact: Monday, March 24, 2014

Posted by William MacDonald on March 24, 2014

Today we are launching our new daily feature, “Mixed Questions of Law and Fact”. It’s like a law school quiz show! Send us your answers by the end of the week and you may be eligible to win a prize.

Learning to think like a lawyer is not just about memorizing your torts outline or mastering IRAC — it’s also about gradually mastering the nuances of communication, reasoning, history, and jurisprudence. Every day, every little bit helps. That is why we are offering daily Mixed Questions of Law and Fact. Come to the ASP Blog each day for a new question that tests your knowledge of — or teaches you something about — logic, grammar, vocabulary, legal history, and, of course, the law. Pick the answer you think is correct and send it in an e-mail to us at Everyone who sends us an answer to at least four questions by midnight on Friday at the end of the week will be entered into our drawing — this week, for a Whittier Law Bookstore gift card. You can send all your answers in one e-mail if you like, but you must spell out your choice of answer — not simply pick a letter or number — so we know you read the question! Good luck, and have fun!

Today’s question is:

Which of the following kinds of jurisdiction cannot be exercised by the United States Supreme Court?

  1. Discretionary jurisdiction
  2. General jurisdiction
  3. Original jurisdiction
  4. Appellate jurisdiction

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