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Mixed Questions of Law and Fact: Friday, October 3, 2014

Posted by William MacDonald on October 3, 2014

And the week draws to a close! You still have time to submit your answers to all of this week’s questions — get them in to by midnight tonight to increase your chances of winning a prize in our semester-end drawing.

Today’s question:

Orinoco Cocoa Co. wants to hire a new employee. They need someone who has a four-year college degree, who has at least three years of experience in the beverage industry or who studied beverages in college, and who either lives in Miami and can travel to Brazilia three months each year, lives in Brazilia and can travel to Miami six months each year, or is willing to move to Miami and then travel to Brazilia three months each year. There are currently three applicants for the position:

  • *April has lived in Miami ever since graduating with her bachelor’s degree from University of Miami with a degree in economics in 2012. She currently works at Southern Beverages, and has worked there since graduation.
  • Basil currently lives in Seattle, where he works creating beverages for a well-known coffee chain, where he has worked for eight years. He has a bachelor’s degree from Northwestern. He speaks Portuguese and is excited by the prospect of moving to Brazilia.
  • Cherie just got her degree in biology from American University in Washington, DC, but she is from Miami and plans to return shortly. She also has family in Brazilia and would be able to stay with them for three months out of every year.*

Which of these applicants will Orinoco Cocoa Co. hire?

  1. April
  2. Basil
  3. Cherie
  4. None of the three
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