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Mixed Questions of Law and Fact: Friday, March 28, 2014

Posted by William MacDonald on March 28, 2014

Today we wrap up the first week of our new “Mixed Questions of Law and Fact” feature. It’s a contest, and you still have time to submit your entries! Everyone who sends us an answer to at least four of this week’s five questions by midnight on Saturday (notice — original deadline has been extended) at the end of the week will be entered into our drawing — this week, for a Whittier Law Bookstore gift card. You can send all your answers in one e-mail ( if you like, but you must spell out your choice of answers — not simply pick a letter or number — so we know you read the question! Good luck, and have fun!

Today’s question:

“Napoleon, the general, fought battles all over Europe, in places like Millesimo, Italy, and Moscow, in his quest to rule the world like his idol, Alexander, the Great.”

Which comma should not be there?

  1. The comma after “Napoleon”
  2. The comma after “Italy”
  3. The comma after “Moscow”
  4. The comma after “Alexander”
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