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Go to the Top of the Class

Posted by William MacDonald on March 10, 2014

Are you performing as well academically as you thought you would be – or wish you were?

We have just passed the halfway point of the spring semester, and that means mid-term grades are coming out. Some students will be pleased to see them. Others may find their grades worrisome, even distressing. If your grades aren’t as high as you had anticipated they would be, consider the story of one of your fellow Whittier Law students.

This student came to Academic Support shortly after mid-term this past fall, on the recommendation of a Contracts professor who was concerned because the student had received the lowest grade in the class on the mid-term examination. The student was understandably upset, but was willing to work with Academic Support to try to find a way to improve performance.

We met several times over the second half of the fall semester. Our analysis of the specific flaws in the exam essay itself was only part of a larger coordinated plan for improvement, which also included training by ASP in class preparation and exam-taking, as well as regular weekly consultation by the student with professors and TAs.

This January, we found out that this student, who had received the lowest grade in the class on the fall Contracts mid-term, scored the highest grade on the fall Contracts final. From bottom to top of the class in half a semester, simply through earnest and well-directed effort, with support from her teachers and guidance from Academic Support.

You can improve your own grades, with effort and guidance. If you were disappointed with your performance on a mid-term exam, don’t let resignation or despair keep you from contacting Academic Support. Drop by or make an appointment today!

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