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Answers to Weeks One and Two of Mixed Questions of Law and Fact

Posted by William MacDonald on September 2, 2014

To see the answers to the Mixed Questions of Law and Fact for the first two weeks of this semester, expand this entry by clicking on “Continue reading . . .”, below:

Monday, August 18: How do you start a civil action? 1. File a complaint
Tuesday, August 19: Which state has the lowest population of attorneys per capita? 4. South Carolina
Wednesday, August 20: What does “stare decisis” mean? 2. legal principle that courts should abide by precedent
Thursday, August 21: Who took some of the rice? 1. Huti only
Friday, August 22: Which of the punctuation marks could not appear? 2. ,
Monday, August 25: Who was the only Federalist President of the United States? 2. John Adams
Tuesday, August 26: The use of a document or an inconsistent statement to demonstrate that a witness is incorrect or is not telling the truth is known as what? 2. Impeachment
Wednesday, August 27: What word fits best in the blank: “The student _____ gets the highest grade will receive a scholarship”? 1. Who
Thursday, August 28: Which states require the highest score for the multistate professional responsibility examination (MPRE)? 1. Utah and California
Friday, August 29: Who stole the Mayan artifact? 1. Aaron (everyone else made at least one statement corroborated by another, and there is only one liar)

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