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Answers to Week Four of Mixed Questions of Law and Fact

Posted by William MacDonald on September 15, 2014

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Monday, September 8: Which U.S. Supreme Court case effectively instituted the “separate but equal” policy of segregation? 2. Plessy v. Ferguson
Tuesday, September 9: What is the meaning of the word “circumlocution”? 1. Using many words where fewer would do better
Wednesday, September 10: Who is Jarl’s arch-nemesis? 3. Mark (Lara and Nara are the arch-nemeses of other members, and Karl’s name rhymes with Jarl’s, so none of them can be Jarl’s arch-nemesis. Only Mark is left.)
Thursday, September 11: Name which item (or items) in this sentence is (or are) wrong: hyphen, semi-colon, or period. 4. Semi-colon (there is no hyphen in the word “semicolon”)
Friday, September 12: Which of the following is not normally required to obtain a preliminary injunction? 3. Justice favors the party seeking the injunction (the balance of the equities, not justice, must favor the party seeking the injunction)

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